Moonfleet – la crypte des Mohune

December 10, 2008 at 4:20 am Leave a comment

Read this album a few days ago and the liked not only the plot but also the drawings. The main character is a young adult, soon to be without any family at all and thrown in to the men’s world by discovering certain mysterious events linked to the parish church in their small fisher villagemoonfleet01

The style is close to what I would call classical French BD style yet with a subtle use of coloring and a change in size of the frames. This is especially done in the first part of the comics, including repeated picture within a picture, allowing for close ups or to emphasize details and point out the elements that might otherwise have been passed on unnoticed. These changes in frame size slows down the reading and adds some mystery to the story. As it’s a crime / pirate story taking place some hundred years ago this simple technique quickly draws you in to the story – at least it did for me.


As the story becomes more action oriented continuously building up the plot the size and layout of the frames becomes more conventional facilitating the reading of the story. Talking of reading, there is a pleasant mix of dialog, comments and plain frames of drawings. Most of the text is dialog which makes the story flow easily as we get more and more intrigued by the various events.

Liked it very much and I am looking forward to get my hands on 2nd volume.


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